Winnetka Illinois

13 Reasons to Live in the Village of Winnetka

1.    So close to Lake Michigan and beaches
2.    Suburban living at its best but close to Chicago
3.    Very pedestrian friendly
4.    Winnetka has 3 train stations for easy access from your home to the city
5.    Winnetka is the only North Shore town where all the roads run over the train tracks so traffic is not delayed when driving in the area.
6.    Winnetka has 27 parks on 242 acres of beautiful property. Five of these are on the water: Lloyd beach is the boating beach, Centennial is the dog beach, also Tower, Maple and Elder beaches are on the water.

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7.    Great boutique shopping in 3 distinctive and unique areas: Hubbard Woods, downtown area East of Green Bay Road and the downtown area West of Green Bay Road.
8.    The A.C. Neilsen Tennis Center and the Winnetka Ice Arena
9.    Public Golf Course, Winnetka Golf Club as well as a separate 9 hole par 3 course.
10.    Winnetka Community House which is home for many activities and classes for all ages.
11.    A wonderful award winning school system which encourages hands on learning.
12.    A very friendly accepting community of wholesome people and families.
13.    The famed Home Alone movie was filmed here.

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